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Apple Womens Watch | Aluminium Case | Gold

Apple Womens Watch is one of best luxury watch. Must buy this if Fashion is your’s passion. Electrical heart sensor. Re-engineered. Digital Crown with haptic feedback. ECG on your wrist. 1 Notifications for low and high heart rate, and irregular rhythm.
Fall detection and Emergency SOS. Breathe watch faces. It’s designed to improve your
health every day and powerful enough to help protect it. Automatic workout detection. Yoga and hiking workouts. Advanced features for runners like cadence and pace alerts.
See up to five metrics at a glance as you precisely track all your favorite ways to train.

Apple Womens Watch

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44mm) – Gold Aluminium Case

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS, 44mm) – Gold Aluminium Case with Pink Sand Sport Band, Head-to-head competitions. Activity sharing with friends. Achievement awards. Get all the motivation you need to close your Activity rings every day. Walkie-Talkie, phone calls, and messages. Apple Music and Apple Podcasts. 2 More ways to use your favorite apps with Siri Shortcuts. They’re all there, right on your wrist. Apple Womens Watch is best to gift to someones very special for you.

Review About Apple Womeens Watch Sport Band

Below are some very helpful buyers reviews about Apple Womens Watch Gold Aluminium Case with Pink Sand Sport Band

Erick4681: Im already in the Apple eco system with MacBooks, Mac minis, iPads, iPhones, etc… My friends had Apple Watches, but I’ve never had a watch, and didn’t really like the idea of wearing a watch or any “jewelry” for that matter. However I work out a lot, and am also a pilot. So I finally gave in and bought Apple Womens Watch.

Karl Yaeger: Delivered in a timely manner, great product {
Apple Womens Watch } overall (obviously, it’s Apple), standard pricing, a lot of cool tech. Turns out it doesn’t impress the ladies as much as I had hoped.

Cristina Aguilera: I loveeeeee my watch{
Apple Womens Watch }!! It came un opened. Brand new! Update: I’ve had my watch for a little over a month and it works perfectly fineee! I do regret not getting the bigger one though, I have the 40mm

Dolmanet: Apple Womens Watch is great espically if you’re a fitness person. Who knew you’d one day be able to make a phone call on your watch, this is the coolest product I’ve ever owned! The waterproof feature comes in handy when you forget to take it off in the shower, the fitness feature really reminded me to get up and do something. I love this watch and think anyone who bought this would!

More Reviews

Below are some more very helpful customers reviews about Apple Womens Watch.

Marilee: I purchased Apple Womens Watch to use while swimming and because of all the features. But, it also may have saved my life. Shortly after getting it and wearing it all the time I was alerted of an Afib situation and am now under a doctors care for Afib. Had I continued with a different sport watch I might have not known that I was having Afib and could have experienced a stroke or heart attack. But by being alerted to the situation I am now on medication and under a doctors care. Thank goodness I bought and learned to use this fantastic Apple Watch series 4. The cardiologist was fascinated with the proficiency of the watches heart programs.

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Ozgur Ekinci: The more Apple gadgets I own the more addicted I get to this brand.
This watch is absolutely stunning. The design, accuracy and everything else is just amazing.

Andera: Got it the same price as the apple website { Apple Womens Watch } + the two day shipping. Original item and came carefully packaged. I absolutely love it. I also bought a band accessory that came in the same day.

Tris P: much much faster than my old series 2, it is worth upgrading if you find the speed is an issue for you. ECG feature is just a selling point, not good for practical use. if that can be embedded on the backside of the watch and monitor periodically, that will be much better. and also this one point finger test is questionable for its accuracy.

What Buyers Things About it More

Below are some more buyers reviews about Apple Womens Watch.

I’ll be honest, I wear Apple Womens Watch every freaking day now and I’m hooked. 44mm fits perfectly and its great for tracking work outs and am already in competitions with all of my friends. Additionally it was a nice asset in the cockpit, with creating a watch face that does sunset and sunrise times along with UTC and Local times. Connect nicely with Bose BT ear buds as well. Overall I’m happy with the purchase.

p0rsch3: The added 2mm larger size vs Series 3 just looks better, crown and function button feel a bit better put together. the heart monitor does indeed function more accurately vs Series 3. Rubber strap is nice, stays on securely and not uncomfortable- but is a bit bland looking compared to the Nike+ black sport band. However that is an easy change with any of the nice aftermarket bands available. Purchased from Amazon directly, prompt shipping and safely packed in an oversized mailing box.

Bryce: I went from a Garmin to this. So far I like it it doesn’t have as many useful activity features as Garmin. Battery life is meh at best. I can only go all day with one charge but have to charge every night. I use it pretty moderately. Over all I’m pretty pleased I need some more time with it to decide how much I truly like it. It is exactly what I ordered and came in an unopened Apple box.

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