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Casio Collection Womens Watch W-96H-1AVES is one of best watch. If you love fashion then we hope you will also try this one day very soon. It’s currently available on amazon @ £9.99. Free home delivery in uk. Casio is one of the UK’s top five watch brands, with over one million watches purchased every year. Amongst it’s portfolio are classic “toughness” brands G-Shock and Baby-G. Motor-sport inspired chronograph range Edifice.

Casio Collection Womens Watch is low budget best watch for women’s those love fashion. With recent advances in Bluetooth and Wave Ceptor technology. The cult following for the shape, function and colour of the first CASIO digital watch from the 1980s is more up-to-date than ever thanks to the watches in the retro Collection. With warm shades of gold, cool stainless steel and black plastic, these timeless design icons can be combined perfectly with modern style. It’s good to know that some things never change.

Amazon Fashion Casio Collection Womens Watch


Details of Casio Collection Womens Watch

Below are most important details about Casio Collection Womens Watch.

  • A light-emitting diode (LED) is used to illuminate the watch face
  • Each time you stop the alarm, it sounds again after a few minutes
  • Once set, the automatic calendar always displays the correct date
  • Times can be displayed in either a 12-hour or 24-hour format
  • Backlight provides visibility in low light
  • Shatter-resistant acrylic window lens
  • Square, high-performance and durable resin case
  • Water resistance up to 50 m

Customers Reviews

Cmiri: Casio Collection Womens Watch is absolute excellent price/quality ratio. I got my first one back in 2011 while doing my MSc. in order to time my exams. But, of course, l started to use it also to time my runs, then my work out ‘resting periods’… Years later we even used it as a ‘kitchen stopwatch’…

Until one day the inevitable happened: the piece of the wristband used to keep its excess length together broke (god knows the name of that little piece). The wristband was fine and still usable, but the excess length would stick off, somehow annoyingly. As a result, 8 years later l bought a 2nd unit, and l’ll keep the first one (which works flawlessly) for the kitchen.

The only minor ‘cons’ is the buttons have a bit of ‘travel’ to them. l mean, you have to press them quite a bit until you can operate them. It’s not a big deal and you easily get used to them; they simply don’t provide the best feedback. No big deal, really. Given the 15GBP l paid for it, its nice, clean design, proven durability and resistance (the 1st one fell an umpteen number of times on different surfaces), l dearly recommend this watch.

karenshirley: Casio Collection Womens Watch advertised as a womans watch, and it’s a mans. Plus it didn’t work, so I had to contact support to get a refund. But for a man, it looks OK.

More Reviews

Chunky Monkey: Bought as a replacement for my cheap work/walk Casio Collection Womens Watch. Arrived quickly. You get the usual tiny manual, but frankly, it’s so easy to set up, even without reading it, with a bit of trial and error, I had it all done in under a minute. I haven’t had a casio since I was at school.

I had forgotten how light they are, which is really nice change, plus how comfortable the strap is to wear. Screen is nice and large, which saves all that squinting. It has four buttons, which really can’t be pressed by accident. (top right light, bottom right 12/24h modes, top left to adjust settings and bottom left modes: watch, stopwatch, alarm set, etc). Overall, very happy monkey!

Hunkie Chunks: I’ve had a few Casio watches in my time (no pun intended) and this one is just as well-made and reliable as all the others were. It has lots of great functionality and I like the constant time display regardless of what mode its in. Be careful with the resin strap though – that is its weakness. Don’t bend it too much while putting the watch on or taking it off. I tried to find a replacement strap and was amazed to discover that it’s cheaper to buy the watch again, which is what I did.

Negative Reviews

Below are some negative reviews about amazon fashion Casio Collection Womens Watch.

Jan: The watch face is very clear, if is good that it has a 10 year battery, but the strap is very flimsy and will not last a fraction of the time, so not a good watch if you want to wear it every day or for work, which is a great shame especially for Casio.

Rath Bone: it does what it should. This is the second one I have bought. One of the 4 plastic strap fittings on the watch broke and cannot be replaced. I like the watch so had to buy a new one. Seems to be not uncommon. Otherwise would have given it five stars.

Abz Shahid: The image shows a nice green backlit illuminator. Dont be fooled by this. Its actually a tiny light you get on the olden days watches you picked up for a fiver. The date layout is the wrong way round. Its set up as yyyy mm dd. The plus side is it says 10 year battery life.

Time will tell. It is nice and thin. Would I buy this watch again? No. I would pay the additional £10-£15 and buy the one with the radio controlled time. Two reasons. Never need to worry if the time or date is wrong. And for the additional few quid you get a proper illuminator backlit light. I hope my review is helpful. Thank you.

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