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Crusty Raw Banana Wedges | Vegetarian Recipe

Crusty Raw Banana Wedges is a yummy snack of Jain community. This vegetarian recipe is so awesome and spicy too. We all know very well that eating vegetarian food is very good for health. Jains are the last direct representatives of the ancient Śramaṇa tradition. They follow Jainism. The religion taught by the twenty-four propagators of faith called tirthankaras. A snack is a small service of food and generally eaten between meals. Snacks come in a variety of forms including packaged snack foods and other processed foods, as well as items made from fresh ingredients at home.

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Carrot & Potato Soup |Vegetarian | Healthy Recipes|

Carrot & Potato Soup recipe is one of healthy recipes. This vegetarian soup is also very yummy in taste too. We all know very well that soup is a liquid food. We way drink is chill or hot as depends on weather & also on our need. In traditional French cuisine, soups are classified into two main groups: clear soups and thick soups. The established French-classifications of clear soups are bouillon and consommé. 

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Healthy Salad Recipes |Vegetarian| Nutri Salad Recipe

Vegetarian Nutri Salad is like by every diet food lover almost in world. Healthy Salad Recipes makes easy to leave a healthy life. We all know very well that eating Vegetarian Salad is good for health. Today we are going to share Nutri Salad Recipe. The word “salad” comes to English from the French salade. In English, the word first appears as “salad” or “sallet” in the 14th century.

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