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Choco Jamun | Yummy Indian Dessert | Recipe

Choco Jamun is a heavenly soulful yummy indian dessert. It is really awesome in taste. We all know very well that how much we all love Chocolate. It is the new flavour of Gulab Jamun which is one of oldest world famous indian dessert. We all know very well that how much we all are crazy to try different falvours.

For us time to time chefs also done experiments in flavours. One of those experiments give us this yummy dessert Choco Jamun. We all know very well dessert is an important part of every celebration. A food without dessert is just incomplete. So are you all ready to eat Choco Jamun which is a heavenly tasty dessert. You will never forget the taste.

Choco Jamun Recipe

Below is the complete step by step instruction for Choco Jamun recipe.


Below are required ingredients for Choco Jamun.

Clarified Butter for deep frying

Cottage Cheese 100 Gms

Khoya / Mawa 600 Gms

Soda Bi Carbonate 2 Pinch

Choco Chips 6 Tbsp

Refined Flour 8 Tbsp

Sugar 10 Cups

Coca Powder 4 Tbsp

Liquid Chocolate 2 Tbsp


Choco Jamun
Indian Dessert


For Choco Jamun first we grate fresh Mawa /Khoya & Cottage Cheese together in a big bowl. Now we dissolve Soda Bi Carbonate in 2 Tbsp Water. Sieve together Refined Flour, Drinking Chocolate & Cocoa Powder. Now we add the sieved ingredients dissolved soda to the grated khoya / mawa & cottage cheese. Mix very well to make a dough.

Heat Sugar & 5 Cups Water to make a thin syrup. Keep it warm. make small soft balls of even size of the khoya / mawa mixture. Now we stuff these balls with the Chocolate Chips. Heat sufficient Clarified Butter in a wok.Deep fry these balls till golden in color on low heat.

While frying agitate the clarified butter occasionally over the balls, using a perforated spoon very carefully without touching them. Now drain. Soak them in the sugar syrup. Choco Jamun is fully ready to eat or serve as we wish. We can eat this yummy indian dessert as hot or chill.

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