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Gohana | India Travel | Exploring Gohana City of India

Gohana North India City

India is a famous country for food & travel. This post is about to explore gohana. It is a small city of haryana state. The total area of gohana is 28sq miles. When ever you are planning india trip then must visit this city once. This indian city is famous for heavenly soulful dessert jalebi. It is a traditional dessert of our country. It is 37.6Kms from sonipat. Previously gohana was part of Rohtak District. You will really enjoy here. Gohana is a famous ancient india city. In vedic era this city is then known as “Gavambhavana”. Gohana has its own municipality and a constituency for Haryana Vidhan Sabha. Gohana is the oldest tehsil of Haryana. Rajni Virmani Ji is the present chairperson. Must visit here while travel in north india.

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Gohana Railways

This city is well known as city of judges too. There are multi-disciplinary colleges in Gohana, the most prominent being the Govt. PG College, BPS Mahila University and Bhagwan Parshuram College of Engineering. There are also many private B.Ed and D.Ed Colleges in the city. BPS Mahila University has become famous for being the first of its kind, a women-only university in Northern India.

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Gohana Famous Indian Dessert

Ancient History

In 1826 gohana was declared as Tehsil by British. Some structures which show evidence of that time are still standing in the city: the City police station, Government Boys’ Senior Secondary School, Government Girls’ Senior Secondary School, and the Jain Senior Secondary School are some examples. Great King Prithvi Raj Chauhan constructed a fort here, which was later destroyed by Muhammad Ghori after defeating Prithviraj in 1192. Later, in 1947, all Muslim families left this place and migrated to Pakistan. Being a tehsil city, people from diverse communities reside in the city.


Hindus constitutes the majority of the religious population. Aside from several Hindu temples in the city. Remains exist of old mosques within the city, many near the market area. Christians, Sikhs & Jains are also living here. The main Jain temple is Holi Mohalla.

Gohana District of Haryana
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Gohana is well connected with major districts and other small towns/villages.
There is a national highway NH 71-A. It connects Gohana to Rohtak and Panipat. It also connects National highway NH 352A that connects it to district Sonipat and Jind.
Trains connect Gohana with Rohtak, Bhiwani and Panipat. New railway line from Jind to Sonipat through Gohana is fully functional since 26 June 2016.

Muhammad Ghori

His actual name is Mu’izz ad-Din Muhammad. He was born in 1149 in the Ghor region of what is now Afghanistan. The exact date of his birth is unknown.  He was the son of
 Baha al-Din Sam. He also had an elder brother named Ghiyath al-Din Muhammad.
 During their early life, Mu’izz and Ghiyath were imprisoned by their uncle Ala al-Din Husayn, but were later released by the latter’s son Sayf al-Din Muhammad.
When Sayf died in 1163, the Ghurid nobles supported Ghiyath, and helped him ascend the throne. Ghiyath shortly gave Mu’izz control over Istiyan and Kajuran. However, the throne was challenged by several Ghurid chiefs; Mu’izz aided Ghiyath in defeating and killing a rival Ghurid chief named Abu’l Abbas.

He was one of the greatest rulers of the Ghurid dynasty. He reigned over a territory spanning over parts of modern-day Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, north India, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.
Ghiyath claimed the throne for himself, and had allied with Tadj al-Din Yildiz, the Seljuq governor of Herat, and Balkh.

Battle of Tarain 1

In 1191, Mu’izz proceeded towards Indian Sub-continent through the Khyber Pass in modern-day Pakistan and was successful in reaching Punjab. Mu’izz captured a fortress, Bathinda in present-day Punjab state on the northwestern frontier of Prithvīrāj Chauhān’s kingdom. After appointing a Qazi Zia-ud-Din as governor of the fortress, he received the news that Prithviraj’s army, led by his vassal prince Govind Tai were on their way to besiege the fortress. The two armies eventually met near the town of Tarain, 14 miles from Thanesar in present-day Haryana. The battle was marked by the initial attack of mounted Mamluk archers to which Prithviraj responded by counter-attacking from three sides and thus dominating the battle. Mu’izz mortally wounded Govind Tai in personal combat.

Battel of Tarain 2

On his return to Ghazni, Mu’izz made preparations to avenge the defeat. According to Firishta, the Rajput army consisted of 3,000 elephants, 300,000 cavalry and infantry. Minhaj-i-Siraj, stated Mu’izz brought 120,000 fully armored men to the battle in 1192. Prithviraj had called his banners but hoped to buy time as his banners had not arrived. Before the next day, Mu’izz attacked the Rajput army before dawn. Rajputs had a tradition of fighting from sunrise to sunset. Although they were able to quickly form formations, they suffered losses due to surprise attack before sunrise. The Rajput army was eventually defeated and Prithviraj was taken prisoner and subsequently executed.

Death of Ghor

In 1206, Mu’izz, having settled the affairs in India,[ left all the affairs in India in hands of his slave Qutbu l-Din Aibak. On his way back to Ghazni, his caravan rested at Dhamiak near Sohawa. He was assassinated on March 15, 1206 while offering his evening prayers.Who killed him is not known. It might have been by Hindu Khokhars or Ismāʿīlīs. In Indian folklore, the death of Mu’izz was caused by Prithviraj Chauhan,[but this is not borne out by historical documents and Prithviraj died much earlier before the death of Mu’izz.

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Gohana Education

Here are multi-disciplinary colleges, the most prominent being the Govt. PG College, BPS Mahila University and Bhagwan Parshuram College of Engineering. There are also many private B.Ed and D.Ed Colleges in the city. BPS Mahila University has become famous for being the first of its kind, a women-only university in Northern India.

Darsha Institute of Gohana
Gohana Education

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