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Google AdSense Secrets | Amazon Best E-Book

Do you want to learn Google AdSense Secrets. This amazon best e-book will helpful to learn the best tricks to increase money from google. Joel Comm is the author of this amazing e-book. He is an entrepreneur, NY Times bestselling author, and new media innovator. Google start adsense in 2003 which serve ads on publishers blogs.Ad are in format of text,videos & images based. They can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.

Joel Comm has been teaching people around the world how to make money with
Google AdSense Secrets program for publishers since 2004. As one of the first website publishers to “crack the code”, Joel’s books and ebooks have been read by thousands of people.

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Google AdSense Secrets
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E-Book Reviews

Below are some most helpful buyers reviews about Google AdSense Secrets E-book.

paddln: I really like the content of Google AdSense Secrets , I was not familiar with this strategy. So now I have something new to try versus just taking the default AdSense content. Only time will tell how well it will work for me, I am certain this is not “overnight” success but takes time.

In the copy I purchased, the formatting could use a little work, such as the paragraph spacing. Google AdSense Secrets E-book does have blue text that suggests, (to me anyway), a hyperlink, but it is not. the table of contents also has a few errors that should be fixed. The author does have a “click here” for free download of additional information. That does not work either. But I did contact Joel and he provide me the download link, –Thanks!!!

Formatting aside, as these issues do not really affect the “readability” of the text, I think this some good stuff. I like to read through a book once to see if there is something in it that I want to try. If so, then I go back through it and highlight all the good stuff that I want to try. For me, Google AdSense Secrets is one of those books.

D. Wells: An in-depth look at Adsense with recommendations of how to set things up, with explanations of not only how-to, but why certain things work best, and why certain other things do not. The author shares his insights based on years of experience and testing with his own Adsense websites. Highly recommended.

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