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Do you want to know how to start a blog & what is blogging. How to make money for living by working online from own place. A blog is a informational website publish on www consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. The emergence and growth of blogs in the late 1990s coincided with the advent of web publishing tools. The posting of content by non-technical users who did not have much experience with HTML or computer programming.

You have great info to share and need a platform to reach as many people as possible? You are running a business and are looking to increase traffic to your website? If any of this rings true, this book is for you! It will give you the tools to get started in easy-to-understand language. Plenty of pictures to illustrate each step, as well as a massive resource chapter for further training.

How to start a blog on WordPress

Know we guide you how to start a blog on it is easy and does not require any tech knowledge or experience with web design, html, css, etc.
In addition, you will learn what it takes to become a successful blogger. how to best hone your skills and monetize your blog. Step #1: Web Software – What is WordPress and why do most successful bloggers use it? Step #2: Hosting – Finding a good home base for your blogStep #3: Creating your Brand – Choosing and registering your domain nameStep #4: WordPress Set up: A first look at your site & featuresStep #5: Pick a Theme – Styling your site to awesomenessStep #6: Plugins, Mailing Lists & Google Analytics – Turning your blog into a performance ninjaStep #7: Blogging & Marketing Training – Learning from the MASTERS

how to start a blog

E Book Review

Below are some helpful reviews by given others readers about how to start a blog.

Lisa Gregory : I’m a writer so a blog and a website are a must have, but I dreaded the thought of building them because I know zilch about the process. Thanks to this very helpful book I am excited about creating my blog. If you’re new to blogging and need a little direction, this is the book for you.

Short and sweet and to the point, which is a plus when you’re doing something you know very little about. The last thing I needed was a book filled with unimportant information…basic and easy details about “how to” was what I was looking for and that’s exactly what I found in this book. Definitely recommend to those who need/want a blog but dread the process.

265XUE : How to start a blog is a GREAT book. Especially the resources, which were awesome. I have read many books on starting a blog, but this one is unique and better than most. I learned something new. Normally I am against a book promoting the author but author does have a cool background that adds more to the book. A great job overall. 5 stars.

More Reviews

MacMunch : How to start a blog is a very effective Call-To-Action! Stop staring at a blank screen and get your blog going! Gundi says it like it is and helps the newbie to avoid some of the pitfalls you might regret not having been aware of later on.

The recommendations and links are very helpful. Obviously Gundi gets paid for linking you to many of the recommended suppliers but that is the name of the game and doesn’t cost you anything – in fact some of the links give discounts. The book was well written and logically organized and for once it was a pleasure reading a “cheap / free”” Kindle that wasn’t full of typos and spelling errors. I will definitely be reading more of her books starting with “You Started Your Blog – Now What?”

Susan McMann, M. A : I absolutely LOVE this book! Gundi has accomplished with this wonderful guide book what I believe others have failed to do..and that is…she gently brings her readers to a level of confidence where direct, affordable action can be taken right away, because she guides you and advises you in the most practical, down-to-earth, affordable way, each and every step of the way. AND! You don’t have to do all of it at once! Her book clearly guides you to confidently and successfully establish and operate your very own, self-determined blogging site. This book certainly belongs in any budding social entrepreneur’s library!

Negative Reviews

Below are some most helpful negative reviews about ebook how to start a blog.

Sasha Alyson : If exclamations marks and words like “awesome” were the same as content, this book would be packed. But they aren’t. There were a few bits of helpful information, but I found much more, in less time, by browsing on the internet. I had hoped to find a concise guide to the whole subject, but this was not it, and she is too eager to plug her many other works. It left me skeptical of her many other links and plugs.

Alex Marie I think this book how to start a blog did its job by giving information on how to set up and build your own blog but it seemed a little repetitive with some of the information given. Personally, I give it a 3 stars because I think it could have explained in more detail with the more difficult to learn topics such as actual programming. However, for those who are a complete beginner, I think this is a good book to read in order to get the basic knowledge for building a blog of your own.

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