White Christmas Mocktial Recipe

White Christmas Mocktail

Today is 25th December the day to celebrate Christmas with lots of fun. “Christmas” is a shortened form of “Christ‘s mass“. Drinking mocktails are really good for health. So today we are sharing white christmas mocktail recipe . White christmas mocktail is yummy & awesome. I hope you will enjoy this mocktail recipe with lots of fun.

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Indian Vegetarian Amritsari Mango Pickle Recipe

Amritsari Mango Pickle Recipe

Punjab is a beautiful North Indian State which is world famous for spicy food flavours. Amritsari mango pickle is one of spicy indian pickles. This indian pickle is spicy and soulful. Pickles are main side dishes. There are two types of pickles 1 Veg 2 Non Veg. Below is the complete recipe of vegetarian mango pickle.

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Vegetable Creamy Minestrone Soup Recipe

Healthy Creamy Minestrone Vegetable Soup Recipe

Vegetable Soup is really very good for health. Creamy Minestrone vegetable soup is mouthwatering. Minestrone soup is thick. Italian origin made with vegetables. Today we decided to share the Recipe of Creamy Minestrone Soup which is as below.

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