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Soya Sesame Khakhra | Indian Veg Snack Recipe

Eating Vegetarian food is really good for health we all know very well. Soya Sesame Khakhra is a yummy veg snack of Gujarat. Gujarati cuisine is that of the state of Gujarat, in western India. In gujarat we find mostly veg peoples. Basically Khakhra is a thin cracker. It is most popular in gujarat. It is mostly cook with Wheat Flour & Oil. Peoples love to eat this in breakfast time or having a cup of tea in evening. Khakhras are individually hand-made.
Roasted to provide a crunchy and healthy snack that can be enjoyed with a selection of spicy pickles and sweet chutneys or with milk and tea. I hope you will try the recipe. Don’t forget to eat it while traveling to beautiful indian state gujarat.

Soya Sesame Khakhra Veg
Indian Veg Snack

Soya Sesame Khakhra Recipe

Below is the complete recipe instructions for Soya Sesame Khakhra


Below are required ingredients for Soya Sesame Khakhra

1/4 Cup Soya Flour

Salt as need

1/8 Cup Whole Wheat Flour

2 Tsp Sesame Seeds { Black & White Till }



Below is the preparation steps of Soya Sesame Khakhra

First we combine Soya Flour, Wheat Flour, Salt & Sesame Seeds in a bowl. Knead into a firm dough using sufficient water. Keep aside for 20 minutes. Divide the dough into 12 equal portions. Roll out each portion into large thin circles of 150 mm in diameter. Heat a non stick pan. Cook each circle over a low flame pressing from all sides with a cloth to make them crisp. Cool and store in an air tight containers.

Gujarati Cuisine

Gujarati Cuisine changes with the seasonal availability of vegetables. In summer, when mangoes are ripe and widely available in market, for example, Keri no Ras (fresh mango pulp) is often an integral part of the meal. The spices used also change depending on the season. Garam masala and its constituent spices are used less in summer. Regular fasting, with diets limited to milk, dried fruits, and nuts, is commonplace.

I hope you will soon give a try to Soya Sesame Khakhra. In modern times, some Gujaratis have become increasingly fond of very spicy and fried dishes. There are many chefs who have come up with fusions of Western and Gujarati food. Gujaratis are predominantly vegetarians, even though pockets of the state consume chicken, eggs and fish. Gujarati cuisine is also distinctive in its wide variety of farsan — side dishes that complement the main meal and are served alongside it. Some farsan are eaten as snacks or light meals by themselves.

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  1. very interesting! I’m not a vegetarian, but I love everything about vegetables, which I often eat! I also like to discover new countries of the world! Photos of Gujarat in google is amazing!!!!! wowow!!

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