Potato Nazakat Recipe

Tasty Vegetarian Indian Snack

Potato Nazakat is a soulful spicy snack for vegetarians. Potato is basically known as Aloo, here in India. Vegetarians love to eat this snack. Before sharing the recipe of vegetarian potato nazakat, we are guiding you some few things about potato. The potato is a starchy, tuberous crop from the perennial nightshade Solanum tuberosum. In many contexts, potato refers to the edible tuber, but it can also refer to the plant itself.Common or slang terms include tater, tattie and spud were introduced to Europe in the second half of the 16th century by the Spanish. Today they are a staple food in many parts of the world and an integral part of much of the world’s food supply.

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Masala Kaju Chaat Recipe

Delhi Famous Snack

Delhi which is the capital & one of biggest city of India. It is world famous for heavenly yummy food & drink flavours. Masala Kaju is one of spicy indian chaat. Delhi’s masala kaju chaat is world famous. Before sharing the recipe of masla kaju chaat ;we will guide you some imp things about kaju. The cashew tree is a tropical evergreen tree that produces the cashew seed & the cashew apple. Cashewnuts can grow as high as 14 m but the dwarf cashew, growing up to 6 m has proved more profitable, with earlier maturity and higher yields.

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Tamarind Sauce Recipe

Sweet Tamarind Sauce

Indian food is awesome in taste & mouthwatering. There are lots of flavours of sauces in world; sweet tamarind sauce is one of most famous healthy indian sauce. Before sharing the recipe of sweet tamarind sauce we are guiding you some important things about it. Tamarind is a leguminous tree in the family Fabaceae indigenous to tropical Africa. The genus Tamarindus is a monotypic taxon. It’s tree produces pod-like fruit that contains an edible pulp used in cuisines around the world. Other uses of the pulp include traditional medicine and metal polish.

The wood can be used for woodworking and tamarind seed oil can be extracted from the seeds. Its leaves are used in Indian cuisine, especially in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Because of tamarind’s many uses, it is cultivated around the world in tropical and subtropical zones.

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