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Karnal Top Travel Places

Karnal Top Travel Places are as below.

Karna Lake

Karna Lake belongs to great maharathi karna. This lake is one of Karnal Top Travel Places. This historical lake is located at a distance of 125 km from both Chandigarh and Delhi thus serving as a midway halt while traveling between the two cities on the famous Grand Trunk Road. Karna used to bathe in this lake. It was at this spot that he gave away his protective armor to Indra, the Godfather of Arjuna, Karna’s arch-enemy. It is surmised that the city of Karnal derives its name from Karna-Taal, which translates to Karna Lake. That may also be the reason for Karnal to be called the City of Karna in local parlance. In these days this lake is using for boating activities. Previously this lake was known as Karna Tal.

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