TP Link Wireless Router | Amazon Shopping

TP Link Wireless Router is really best in working. Amazon which is world’s no1 online shopping store; is best to buy all kinds of networking devices too. Basically router is a networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks. Routers perform the traffic directing functions on the Internet. Data sent through the internet, such as a web page or email, is in the form of data packets. A packet is typically forwarded from one router to another router through the networks that constitute an internet-work until it reaches its destination node. When a data packet comes in on one of the lines, the router reads the network address information in the packet to determine the ultimate destination. It can also support different network layer transmission standards. Routers may provide connectivity within enterprises, between enterprises and the Internet, or between internet service providers’ (ISPs’) networks.

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What is Proxy Server | How to configure it

What is Proxy Server

Today we will guide you about Proxy Server. A proxy, in its most general form, is a class functioning as an interface to something else. Proxy could interface to anything that is expensive. Proxy is a wrapper or agent object that is being called by the client to access the real serving object behind the scenes. It acts as an intermediary. A client connects to the proxy server. Requesting some service, such as a file, connection, web page. The proxy server evaluates the request as a way to simplify and control its complexity.

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Cloud Computing | What is Cloud Computing

What is Cloud

Cloud Computing is an IT paradigm. Cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. World cloud is used as a metaphor for “the Internet. Third part cloud is focus on their core businesses. Advocates note that cloud computing allows companies to avoid or minimize up-front IT infrastructure costs.

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