Dark Soul 3 | Action Role Play | Video Game

Dark Soul 3 is world famous action role play video game develop by
From-Software. This video game is publish by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The official released date of this action role play video game is 24 March 2016. We can play this fantastic game on windows, ps4 & xbox one. It was critically and commercially successful, with critics calling it a worthy and fitting conclusion to the series. It was the fastest-selling game in Bandai Namco’s history. With in 2 months after released over 3 millions copies were purchase by gamers.

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Far Cry New Dawn | Latest Adventure Video Game

Far Cry New Dawn is one of famous latest adventure video game which release on 15-feb-2019. It is an action-adventure first-person shooter video game. The game is a spin-off of the Far Cry series and a narrative sequel to Far Cry 5. Far Cry New Dawn is an action-adventure first-person shooter. The nuclear war portrayed in Far Cry 5 has reshaped the landscape so that new areas have become available for the player to explore while others are inaccessible. The player assumes the role of a new character, whose gender and race can be customized. The Guns for Hire and the Fangs for Hire systems from Far Cry 5 return.

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Need For Speed Most Wanted | Best Racing Game

Need For Speed Most Wanted is one of old best racing game ever made. NFS Payback is the latest series. Most wanted was release in year 2005. It is one of world famous racing games. This fantastic video game was develop by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts.  It was the 9th game of Need for speed series. Every gamer love this series. Kids are so crazy for it. Peoples like me still love this old game & always play it when they have some free time. The game features street racing-oriented game play, with certain customization options from the Need for Speed Underground series. It sold 16 million copies worldwide, making it the best-selling title in the series.

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