The Oberoi Mumbai | India Travel | Hotels Booking

The Oberoi Mumbai is one of ultra luxury hotels in world. Head office is located in delhi. This hotel chain was start in 1934. Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi, is the founder. They offers luxury and convenience with its outdoor heated pool, 24-hour spa, fitness and concierge service.  It also features 5 food. All cuisines available here. High Speed free wifi is providing by them. This hotel is located in the center district mumbai. Close to South Mumbai’s shopping and entertainment areas. The hotel’s elegant rooms feature wooden floors. Large windows offer magical view. Rooms are equipped with an LCD TV, tea/coffee maker and iPod docking station. 24-hour services like spa, butler service, laundry, concierge, business center and travel desk. 

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Luxury India Tours | Hotel Sahara Star | Mumbai

This Luxury India Tours post we explore hotel sahara star of mumbai. It is one of of best hotels from our side. This hotel is located in Vileparle. This 5 star hotel have
354 rooms, offers spacious accommodations with a private balcony and views of the tropical lagoon.  Food is really awesome tasty and healthy. Star shape dome of this hotel is world famous. Mood lighting is standard, and luxury suites are available. Gateway of india is just 22 kms from here.

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India Adventure | Haryana | Travel Guide

This India Adventure Travel post is about , Haryana which is a beautiful north indian state. Harvanvi is the official language of this state. Peoples also speak and understand hindi language. Less peoples speak and understand english. It has its own unique traditional folk music, folk dances, saang, cinema, belief system such as Jathera, and arts such as Phulkari and Shisha embroidery.  On 1-nov-1966 it becomes a state. Chandigarh is the joint capital of this state.

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